Thursday, September 4, 2014

BAA Team Requests LAPD Traffic Study: Speeding/Stop Sign Violations Near Chalon Road & Linda Flora Drive

A Bel-Air Association member reported that there are numerous excessive speed and stop sign violations along Chalon Road between Bellagio Road & Linda Flora Drive. Not to mention, frequent illegally parked vehicles.

The Bel-Air Association Team visited the area today and got a clear understanding of the parking restrictions for that area. As violations arise, we will immediately engage Parking Enforcement. Please report violations to the office by emailing OR calling 310-474-3527. We will need a brief description of the vehicle and the closest address. Parking Enforcement will not dispatch an officer without that information.

The BAA Team will also continue to check the area for violations and report them immediately.

Additionally, we have reached out to LAPD's West Traffic Division and requested a study/enforcement of this area for speed and stop sign violations. This is especially important because of the adjacent school. 

We thank LAPD in advance for understanding the importance of this safety measure!

Thank you to the member who reported this, as well!