Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Topless Maid Vans - Moraga & Sepulveda

The Bel-Air Association thanks everyone that has been in communication with us regarding the "Topless Maids" Vans that have been parked at Moraga & Sepulveda.

We have been working on the concern for several weeks now, ever since it was initially parked. 

Our efforts have included coordination with LAPD, LA Department of Transportation, Council District 5 and others. We have been advised that the vehicles have been closely monitored all over the City. They are not violating any parking restrictions, nor can be marked as abandoned because they are moved or swapped out with identical vans before the 72 hour mark. 

We know many neighbors are upset by them being in the neighborhood. We are continuing to work with all agencies possible to find a resolution.