Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SECURITY NOTICE: Attempted Break-In: Bentley Ave

The Bel-Air Association received word yesterday that on Monday of the Labor Day holiday weekend, there was an attempted intruder at a home on N. Bentley. The intruder tried to enter the home around 11:00 am. The housekeeper saw a gentleman pulling up the screen door to one of the bedrooms. The minute he saw her, he ran off.

His description is:

Around 50-60 years old

Full salt pepper, mostly white beard and hair. On that day he was wearing a white shirt and black pants/jeans. Brown eyes.


Please be vigilant in keeping your doors and windows locked, security system turned on and helping your neighbors keep an eye out. 

In the event that you see something suspicious, please notify LAPD & ACS Security.

They can be reached at:

9-1-1 (Emergency)
877-ASK-LAPD (Non-Emergency)

ACS Security