Friday, January 31, 2014

LAPD Weekly Community Crime Report


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Christopher Ragsdale
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0741
Cell: 213-305-5895
Aggravated Assault:
3100 block Antelo Road. RD: 806. MO: On 1/27/14, at approximately 0300 hours, the victim was working as security at a post Grammy party. The Victim asked the suspects not to lean on his vehicle. After doing so, the suspects cursed him and threw beer on him, then tackled, beaten, and kicked by the suspects while on the ground. The suspects fled the location after the attack. The victim then reported the incident the following day. The victim had minor cuts and bruises but never lost consciousness and continued to work afterward. Suspect 1:Male, White, Blond hair, 5'6" tall, 165 lbs, 25-30 years. Suspect 2: Male, White, Black hair, 6' tall, 200 lbs, 25-30 years old.
2900 block Hutton Drive. RD: 808. MO: (Construction site) Between 1/27/14, 1530 and 01/28/14, 0645 hours, the suspect(s) pried the side window to gain entry and removed tools.
1400 block Crestview Court. RD: 0829. MO: (Distraction Burglary) On 01/22/14, 1545 hours, suspects posed as city workers and offered yard cleaning services. The suspects gained access into the victim's residence and removed cash and key.
Suspect-1: Male, Other, Black hair, 509, 160, 28 years, orange vest, dark pants, white shoes.
Suspect-2: Male, Other, Black hair, 509, 160, 28 years, orange vest, dark pants.
600 block Perugia Way. RD: 0806. MO: (Construction site) Between 1/20/14, 1700 and 1/21/14, 0500 hours, suspect(s) used blow torch to gain access to Connex storage container and removed tools.
Grand Theft Auto:
1-26-14 2300/0900 RD: 806 3100 block Antelo Road. Driveway 2012 Subaru Impreza
Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle:
1-25-14 2000/0800 RD: 855 10800 block Holman Ave. Sub Garage Smash Golf clubs, Bag
1-24-14 1900/1100 RD: 855 1400 block Veteran Ave. Apt Parking Cut
1-20-14 1930/1230 RD: 855 1600 block Greenfield Ave. Parking Lot Smash Laptop
1-19-14 2200/0700 RD: 805 11800 block Bel Terrace Street Money, wallet, cards
1-19-14 2200/0450 RD: 815 400 block Bentley Ave. Street Work ID, Gift cards
1-19-14 1230/1500 RD: 828 900 block Hilts Ave. Driveway Purse, Iphone, Money
Grand/Petty Theft:
10000 block Sunset Blvd. RD: 806. MO: On 1/23/14, at 1000 hours, unknown suspect removed inventory from victim's jewelry business kept in home office. Jewelry, $10,000.00
10900 block Wilshire Blvd. RD: 817. MO: On 1/28/14, between 1800 and 1930 hours, unknown suspect(s) removed items from secured gym locker. Wallet, ID, Credit Cards. $21.00
10800 block Wellworth Ave. RD: 833. MO: On 1/28/14, suspect removed food item from store and exited without paying. Pastry, $1.99
10900 block Wilshire Blvd. RD: 817. MO: On 1/22/14, between 1815 and 1945 hours, unknown suspect(s) removed the victim's property from gym locker. Backpack, cash, ID. $1200.00
10900 block Wilshire Blvd. RD: 817. MO: On 1/27/14, between 1500 and 1700 hours, suspect(s) removed the victim's property from gym locker which had a lock but may have not been closed properly.
Credit Cards, money. $350.00
2000 block Coldwater Canyon. RD: 809. MO: Between 1/9/14 and 1/10/14, suspect(s) removed prescription pills from the victim's nightstand. Prescription Pills, $150.00
1100 block N. Beverly Glen Blvd. RD: 806. MO: Between 1/25/14 and 1/26/14, unknown suspect(s) removed the victim's bike from carport. Bike, $1200.00
1000 block Broxton Ave. RD: RD: 817. MO: On 1/26/14, two suspects placed an iPad in a shopping bag and left the store without paying. iPad, $429.00
600 block Levering Ave. RD: 816. MO: Between 11/08/13 and 1/23/14, victim's neighbor was observed on video removing the victim's packages from front door. Clothing, $521.92
Thayer Ave/ Le Conte Ave. RD: 828. MO: On 1/21/14, 1530 hours, suspect grabbed the victim's cell phone from her hands and fled on street. Cell phone, $400.00
10500 block Wilshire Blvd. RD: 834. MO: Between 12/28/13 and 12/31/13, unknown suspect(s) removed the victim's watch from bedroom drawer while in the process of moving. Watch, $30,000.00
10800 block Weyburn Ave. RD: 817. MO: On 1/16/14, at 1735 hours, suspect enters a retail store with a premade tag and barcode. The suspect places his tag on a Digital Camera selling for $199 and purchases the item for $40.99. Camera, $159.99
10900 block Lindbrook Ave. RD: 817. MO: On 1/22/14, between 1100 and 1200 hours, suspect removed the victim's unsecured bike from the sidewalk. Bike, $800.00
10300 block Wilkins Ave. RD: 829. MO: Between 6/1/12 and 1/20/14, unknown suspect(s) removed paintings from closet. Paintings, $17,000.00
3700 block Noakes St. RD: 805. MO: Between 1/16/14 and 1/18/14, unknown suspect(s) removed dumpster from parking lot. Dumpster, $4500.00
10400 block Santa Monica Blvd. RD: 829. MO: On 1/20/14, unknown suspect(s) removed victim's purse from a coffee shop chair. Purse, wallet. $85.00
1600 block Malcolm Ave. RD: 855. MO: On 1/21/14, unknown suspect(s) removed bike from patio. Bike, $145.00
500 block Comstock Ave. RD: 819. MO: (Construction Site) Between 1/15/14 and 1/16/14, unknown suspect(s) removed electrical wiring. Electric Wires, $35,000.00
10800 block Weyburn Ave. RD: 817. MO: On 1/18/14, between 1220 and 1300 hours, the victim left wallet unattended on counter at grocery store, when she returned wallet was missing. Wallet, Cash. $60.00

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