Sunday, February 22, 2015

*Save Bel~Air* Please ACT Now! (FORM Email to City Officials Included)

As set forth in the posts below, the Bel~Air Association has reviewed the Interim Control Ordinance ("ICO") ​[LINK TO ICO], and​ has found that​ not only does the ICO completely fail to address the dire construction safety problems facing our community, but even worse, it may destroy the very essence of Bel~Air​.

Please email the city your objection to the ICO today to help save our community's character and focus our city on the real construction problems facing Bel~Air!

The following are key points you may consider including in your communication, and a FORM email is set forth at the end of this post for your convenience:
  • The ICO completely fails to address the actual construction issues facing Bel~Air today, such as dangerous construction truck traffic.

  • The ICO will destroy the iconic character and nature of Bel~Air, and dramatically impact the property rights and property values of Bel~Air residents.

  • The ICO seeks to eliminate the “Foundation Grading Exemption” in the BHO, which benefits Bel~Air by motivating subterranean garages as well as estate development versus subdivision of large lots into multiple homes.

  • The ICO is a “one size fits all” regulation that fails when applied to the unique nature of Bel~Air and the different qualities of each parcel in our community.



Re:  OPPOSITION to Item Number#2 / Council File#14-0656
February 24. 2015 PLUM Committee Hearing
Ordinances: 181480; 179883 (“ICO”)
City Attorney Report: R15-0033; R15-0041

Members of the Los Angeles PLUM Committee:

As a resident of Bel~Air, I disagree with the Interim Control Ordinance (“ICO”) and object to its adoption for the Bel~Air Community.

The ICO fails in every respect to address the real construction issues facing Bel~Air, such as dangerous construction truck traffic, and instead will result in the destruction of the iconic character of Bel~Air while dramatically impacting the property rights and property values of all Bel~Air residents.

I urge the PLUM Committee to reject the ICO as it applies to Bel~Air, and ask that our City Council’s Office continue to work with the Bel~Air Association to find real solutions to the dire construction problems facing our community today.