Saturday, February 21, 2015

​URGENT ACTION REQUIRED TO SAVE BEL~AIR! *Please Read & Act to Save Your Community*


The Bel~Air Association has reviewed the Interim Control Ordinance ("ICO") ​[LINK TO ICO] we alerted our community to yesterday, and​ the BAA has found that​ not only does the ICO completely fail to address the dire construction safety problems facing our community, but even worse, it may destroy the very essence of Bel~Air​.

Bel~Air ​is one of the most unique neighborhoods in Los Angeles, ​with our​ character being​​ ​defined by large luxurious estates and architecturally significant homes.  Just as one would go to Venice to be by the beach, or Hollywood to be near the stars, Bel~Air is where you will find the most iconic homes and estates in our magnificent City. And in order for ​Bel~Air to maintain its character as a ​world class community, we must not allow this ICO to turn Bel~Air into just another suburb.

Shockingly, the ICO has been described as fixing a “loophole” in the Baseline Hillside Ordinance, yet nothing could be further from the truth.  For Bel~Air, the "foundation grading exemption" [see LAMC Sec. 12.21.C.10(f)(3)(i)] that the ICO attacks was a key term that made the BHO more acceptable to our community.  To name just a few benefits of the foundation grading exemption, it allows for Bel~Air properties to build subterranean garages, opening up more parking along our narrow streets, and motivates developers to build one large, magnificent estate versus chopping large lots into, for example, ten smaller homes.  

But make no mistake, there is a huge problem with the current state of construction in Bel~Air, yet as set forth above, it will not be solved by this ICO.  The Bel~Air Association will continue to focus its attention on the real issues facing our community such as dangerous construction truck traffic, project coordination and oversight and infrastructure maintenance.

In order to SAVE BEL~AIR, we ask that you immediately share your concerns about the ICO with the PLUM Committee Members prior to the ICO comment deadline Monday Afternoon.
The following are key points you may consider including in your communication, and a FORM email is set forth at the end of this post for your convenience:
  • The ICO completely fails to address the actual construction issues facing Bel~Air today, such as dangerous construction truck traffic.

  • The ICO will destroy the iconic character and nature of Bel~Air, and dramatically impact the property rights and property values of Bel~Air residents.

  • The ICO seeks to eliminate the “Foundation Grading Exemption” in the BHO, which benefits Bel~Air by motivating subterranean garages as well as estate development versus subdivision of large lots into multiple homes.

  • The ICO is a “one size fits all” regulation that fails when applied to the unique nature of Bel~Air and the different qualities of each parcel in our community.

PLUM Committee contact information is as follows:
Councilmember Jose Huizar (Chair, Planning & Land Use Committee)
(213) 473-7014
Planning Deputy: Tanner Blackman

Councilmember Mitchell Englander
(213) 473-7012
Planning Deputy: Hannah Lee

Councilmember Gilbert Cedillo
(213) 473-7001
Planning Deputy: Gerald Gubatan
Councilmember Paul Koretz
(213) 473-7005
Planning Deputy: Shawn Bayliss



Re:  OPPOSITION to Item Number#2 / Council File#14-0656
February 24. 2015 PLUM Committee Hearing
Ordinances: 181480; 179883 (“ICO”)
City Attorney Report: R15-0033; R15-0041

Members of the Los Angeles PLUM Committee:

As a resident of Bel~Air, I disagree with the Interim Control Ordinance (“ICO”) and object to its adoption for the Bel~Air Community.

The ICO fails in every respect to address the real construction issues facing Bel~Air, such as dangerous construction truck traffic, and instead will result in the destruction of the iconic character of Bel~Air while dramatically impacting the property rights and property values of all Bel~Air residents.

I urge the PLUM Committee to reject the ICO as it applies to Bel~Air, and ask that our City Council’s Office continue to work with the Bel~Air Association to find real solutions to the dire construction problems facing our community today.