Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bel-Air Association Land Use Committee - Tortuoso Way Condition Revision and Update

Dear Bel-Air Association Members and Community,

We yesterday negotiated a revision to one of the 14 conditions of the Tortuoso Way project, which we previously obtained and announced on August 28, 2015. The revision gives us limitations on the number of hauling trucks per hour.

The revision is to Condition 1. It still provides that no two hauling vehicles shall cross in Bel Air. But the developer asked us yesterday to remove the second sentence of Condition 1, which is in parentheses. It stated that “[o]nce one hauling vehicle leaves Bel-Air, the next hauling vehicle may enter.” We agreed to delete this sentence because the staging of trucks on this large site should not substantially increase the burden on our community. Condition 9 already protects us by prohibiting staging or queueing on streets within Bel Air, with the exception of Tortuoso Way, which is the large development site itself. Condition 9 also already protects us by requiring that “[t]rucks having no current hauling activity shall not idle but be turned off.”

In exchange for the deletion of the sentence in the parentheses, the developer agreed to our request to substitute the following limitations on the number of trucks per hour:

“There shall be no more than 7 return truck trips per hour. If dirt hauling is occurring on other, overlapping or crossing haul routes and causing congestion, The Park Bel Air Holdings LLC will reduce its hauling to no more than 6 return trips per hour.”

We therefore now have additional protection on the number of trucks on our streets.


Your Bel-Air Association Land Use Committee