Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Tortuoso Way Certificate of Compliance Application

Dear Bel-Air Association Members and Community,

The owner of the lots on Tortuoso Way filed an application on August 28, 2015 for a “Certificate of Compliance for illegal lot cut (2 of the 5 lots).” A summary of the case is available at http://planning.lacity.org/Pdiscaseinfo/CaseId/MjA0MTIz0.

The application has been assigned to:

Senior City Planner Jon Foreman. His office is in Room 720 of City Hall. His phone number is 213-978-1387, and his email address is jon.foreman@lacity.org

Anyone may review the Planning Department’s file on the application by making an appointment with him. 

(The file is a public record.)

 Your Bel-Air Association Land Use Committee