Thursday, October 29, 2015

Party Houses

Dear Bel-Air Members and Community,

Thanks to our members and community, we were informed this week of a large, late, noisy party held last Saturday night. We have contacted LAPD, our Councilmember’s office, and City Departments to learn more about this party and what can be done about other parties as they occur.

We attended our neighborhood council’s board meeting last night, where our community’s Senior Lead Officer Chris Ragsdale addressed this topic. 

Noise laws apply at all times on all days. 

But it is very important that loud parties be reported to LAPD soon as they start. 

(LAPD’s Non-Emergency number is 1-877-ASK-LAPD, or 
1-877-275-5273.) LAPD’s limited resources have higher priority calls to respond to later at night on weekends, so it could take 4 hours or more for LAPD to respond, after the parties have finished, if reports are not made earlier, when the parties first start.

Officer Ragsdale clarified that the City does not issue permits for parties. Various City departments, such as Building and Safety and the Fire Department, issue permits for structures or equipment that might be used for a party, such as tenting, staging or generators, but not for a party itself.

Please therefore call LAPD as soon as loud or otherwise disturbing parties commence. Please also continue to inform us of them so that we may try to address them with the City.


Your Bel-Air Association