Monday, October 12, 2015

The Bel-Air Association joins the Federation of the Hillside and Canyon Associations

Dear Bel-Air Association Members and Community,

Your Bel-Air Association has joined the Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations, Inc., known as the “Hillside Federation”. The Hillside Federation’s October newsletter is below. The Hillside Federation welcomes the Bel-Air Association on page 2. The Bel-Air Association’s membership brings the Hillside Federation’s membership up to 45 organizations.

The Hillside Federation was founded in 1952. It is comprised of resident organizations in the hillside areas of Los Angeles. Its mission is to “protect the property and the quality of life of the residents of the Santa Monica Mountains and other hillside areas of Los Angeles and its environs, and to encourage and promote those policies and programs which will best preserve the natural topography and wildlife of the mountains and hillsides for the benefit of all the people of Los Angeles.” For more information on the Hillside Federation, please visit its website at:

Ron Hudson
Your Bel-Air Association President