Monday, November 30, 2015

LADWP Brush Clearance and Tree Removal Update

Dear Bel-Air Association Members and Community:

It has come to the attention of the Bel-Air Association that residents have expressed some concerns in regard to the LADWP Stone Canyon Reservoir Brush Clearance and Tree Removal.

The LADWP Property Management Group has provided an update to the Bel-Air Association outlining the following efforts:

1.  LAFD has performed a thorough Brush Clearance and Tree Removal to date.

2.  LADWP conducted additional Brush Clearance to 
re-establish the Fire Break over the past few months.

3.  LADWP has had facilitated additional inspections of the trees by engaging a certified LAFD Tree Arborist and it has been determined that the remaining trees are still alive.

4.  On-going inspections will be performed over the next few weeks to determine the current condition of these affected trees.

LADWP will continue to monitor the reservoir area and update the Bel-Air Association as additional findings develop.