Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Dear Bel-Air Neighbors,
The Bel-Air Association has been engaged with a wide range of land use issues over the past few years, from:

·       the inundation of hauling trucks on our streets impacting the safety of our community, to
·       over-regulation reducing the value and enjoyment of our homes by restricting our ability to update and develop our properties

To appropriately and consistently address these matters as they arise, the Board of the Bel-Air Association recently adopted the following Land Use Guiding Principles when considering projects in our area:

1.    To protect our community, health and safety
2.    To protect our property values
3.    To protect our freedom to reasonably develop our properties

The Bel-Air Association has developed these principles to best reflect the wide-ranging views of our membership, which include members that desire zero development policies to those who support maximized residential development.  

While making these decisions is not easy, I feel strongly that these guiding principles will serve our community best as we strike the right balance allowing for reasonable development while demanding best construction practices and uncompromising safety for our streets and community.

Ron Hudson
Bel-Air Association President