Friday, February 26, 2016


Dear Bel-Air Association Members and Community:

Please be aware that the Department of City Planning is accepting comments on two proposed projects in our community.  

If you have any questions or concerns about these projects, please contact the Bel-Air Association and let us know.  

We will be reviewing the Mitigated Negative Declaration with our Land Use Team and will be submitting comments, but if you are a directly impacted neighbor – we want to hear from YOU!

Below you will find a summary of the two cases with a link to the environmental document for your review. 

10460 Revuelta Way; Bel Air-Beverly Crest. CD5. The applicant has requested 3 entitlements for this project: 1) a Zoning Administrator's Adjustment to allow a combination of sound- & retaining walls to observe a height of up to 14 feet, 1 inch in lieu of the maximum allowed 6 ft.; 2) a Zoning Administrator's Determination to permit over height elements (fences, hedges, and gates within the front yard setback) of up to 8 ft. in height in the front & rear yards in lieu of 3 feet, 6 inches & 6 ft., respectively; 3) a Zone Variance to permit a kitchen in the guesthouse in addition to a permitted kitchen in the main residence. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: March 16, 2016

10905 W Chalon Rd; Bel Air-Beverly Crest. CD5. Demolition of an existing single-family dwelling & detached garage. The construction, use, and maintenance of a new 3-story, 30-ft. tall, approx. 18,854 sf single family dwelling with a basement & a 4,881 sf 10-car garage. The proposed project also includes development of a new swimming pool, new spa, new recreation room, and retaining walls. The project site is an approx. 72,915 sf sloped parcel, developed with a 64-years old, 3,095 sf, 1-story, single-family dwelling. The subject site is designated Minimum Residential on the Bel Air- Beverly Crest Community Plan land use map & zoned RE40-1-H. There are 6 existing native protected trees on the project site; (6) will be protected. The subject project requires an approval of a Haul Route Permit to allow the exporting of 15,853 cubic yards of soil in a hillside area. 

REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: March 16, 2016