Thursday, February 25, 2016

Welcome New Bel-Air Association Members!

Thank you for joining the Bel-Air Association.  

Our Board of Directors and Staff welcome you and look forward to working with you. 

Your participation and sound financial support of our Bel-Air Association help us to be a major force in keeping our Bel-Air community vital for our members.  

By being a Member of the Bel-Air Association, you will be included in communications and updates that cover a broad spectrum of subjects from Land Use, Emergency Preparedness, Keep Bel-Air Beautiful, Security and other issues relevant to the Bel-Air community. 

Please be aware that the Association's policy is to respond to reasonable requests from Members on a reasonable basis taking into account all of the circumstances related to the request including, without limitation, the burden on the Bel-Air Association's personnel, the time to gather any information, the approval process or review of the Bel-Air Association boards or committees, etc.

In furtherance of such policy, the Bel-Air Association will endeavor to respond to reasonable requests within the time frames as required by law or the Association's governing documents.

However, please be advised that the Bel-Air Association reserves the right to refuse to respond to unreasonable requests including, without limitation, requests that include unreasonable derogatory statements or follow up requests when the legal or governing document time frame to respond has not expired.

Every day, in some way, the Bel-Air Association intends to work to give you a uniquely valuable experience by enhancing our community and protecting your security and property values. 

Thank you for being an integral part of our community!

Ron Hudson