Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bel-Air Association Successfully Defends Meritless Lawsuit, Declares Proposed March 17, 2016 Meeting from a Minority of Members as Unauthorized, and Takes Other Action to Preserve and Protect Bel-Air

Dear Bel-Air Association Members,

The Bel-Air Association has successfully defended our community against the actions of a small handful of individuals (the “Alliance”) who have been seeking to take over and disrupt your Bel-Air Association from advocating for your rights to live in a safe and secure environment, protecting the financial security of your home and defending your reasonable right to improve your property.

•         After spending untold dollars in an unsuccessful lawsuit, the Alliance crumbled and dismissed this meritless and divisive lawsuit against the Bel-Air Association last Thursday.

•         In an apparent act of desperation, some Alliance members mailed an unauthorized and misleading “Special Meeting Notice” to all Bel-Air Association members and nonmembers, attempting to accomplish by trickery what it could not accomplish in court. (You may have received this notice in the mail supposedly coming from the Bel-Air Association for a meeting on March 17. This did not come from your Bel-Air Association.)

•         This sham March 17, 2016 “Special Meeting” is unauthorized, and any actions purportedly taken will be ineffective. The same people already requested a special meeting, which we set for May 11, 2016.

•         As stewards for the community, the Bel-Air Association is greatly concerned that some good-hearted Bel-Air residents may have been duped into giving the Alliance thousands of dollars to help “protect our community,” yet such funds are seemingly being funneled to ill-advised activities that serve little purpose other than to HURT & DIVIDE our community.

•         Questions may now be raised about Alliance transparency and how the Alliance may be squandering donations made by its members on fruitless, unproductive litigation.

Marcia Hobbs, publisher of the Beverly Hills Courier and founding member of the Alliance, filed a lawsuit against the Bel-Air Association in February 2015, alleging among other things that the Bel-Air Association had failed to hold an annual meeting and to maintain 25 directors on its board (the “Alliance lawsuit”). After a year of costly litigation for the Alliance (the Association’s insurance policy covered its costs), Ms. Hobbs dismissed the Alliance lawsuit last Thursday.

The same day that she dismissed the Alliance lawsuit, Ms. Hobbs and a few other Alliance founders sent an unauthorized and invalid notice of a special meeting of the Bel-Air Association’s members. That March 17 meeting is a sham because it was never authorized by the Bel-Air Association. Accordingly, no action can be taken on behalf of the Bel-Air Association at that meeting.

(Please see the below letter from the Bel-Air Association to Ms. Hobbs and the others declaring, among other things, that their meeting is unauthorized and shall have no effect on the Bel-Air Association.)

We are well aware that the Alliance may attempt to twist these facts, mislead our community and take other actions to further disrupt the Bel-Air Association. Nevertheless, please be assured that with your support, the Bel-Air Association will continue to fight for and protect the rights of all our residents.

Ron Hudson
Your Bel-Air Association President