Sunday, March 27, 2016

DON'T BE FOOLED! Alliance Members Have Not Legally Taken Over the Bel-Air Association.


The Bel-Air Association’s existing 25 directors remain in office.

·      Unauthorized Meeting by the AllianceThe “meeting” conducted on March 17 by members of the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance was not an authorized meeting of the Bel-Air Association. It was a sham “meeting” that has no effect on the Association.

·      Break-In of BAA OfficeImmediately after their “meeting”, Alliance members (including Fred Rosen, Marcia Hobbs (Publisher of the Beverly Hills Courier) and Dan Love) broke into the Bel-Air Association’s office at 100 Bel Air Road. They changed the lock and posted three 24-hour security guards hired by Fred Rosen. The Alliance members acted without notice and were uncivil.

·      Taking/Freezing of BAA Bank AccountsThe next morning, Alliance members went to the Association’s two banks and creatively convinced a bank manager at one bank to allow them to withdraw all of the funds from the Association’s accounts. The other bank froze the Association’s account.

·      Alliance Members Would Not Participate in a Fair ElectionFor at least 2 years, the Alliance’s board members have been trying to convince the community that they should be in control of the Bel-Air Community. Before the Alliance members scheduled their unauthorized “meeting”, the Association had already scheduled an authorized, fair Annual Meeting election for 9 of the Association’s incumbent directors and 9 of the Alliance’s nominees. It must have become obvious to the Alliance that they could not succeed at that fair election, so they decided to take their self-help action of holding their own unauthorized “meeting”, breaking into the office and taking the Association’s bank accounts.

·      Necessary Court ActionOur lawyers have recently filed a lawsuit against these unauthorized actions. We anticipate that a Court will soon rule in our favor to confirm the rightful current directors and force the Alliance members to return the office and funds to the Association.

·      The Association’s Directors Continue to WorkRegardless of whether you are an Association member, your legitimate Association directors are currently working to protect the Bel-Air Association. You may disregard any communications from the Alliance members.

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Thank you for your support.


Ron Hudson
President of the Bel Air Association