Friday, March 11, 2016

Setting the Record Straight - No Bel-Air Association "Special Meeting" on March 17, 2016

Dear Bel-Air Association Members:

An article in this week's Beverly Hills Courier contains false and misleading information about an unauthorized, so-called “special meeting” of the Bel-Air Association on March 17, 2016. 

Once again, please know that this purported March 17th meeting is a sham, and that the Bel-Air Association has officially noticed the special meeting of the Bel-Air Association to be held on May 11, 2016.

While the Courier story quotes several members of an organization calling themselves the Bel-Air Homeowners Alliance, it should be noted that the Courier's reporter made no attempt whatsoever to contact leadership of the Bel-Air Association to get a fair and balanced perspective.

Furthermore, though it is not mentioned at all in the Courier's story, Marcia Hobbs, who is quoted extensively in the piece, also serves as publisher of the Beverly Hills Courier. Hobbs herself brought a lawsuit against the Bel-Air Association in 2015. After Hobbs' lawsuit crumbled and failed, she ultimately dismissed it on March 3, 2016.

Sadly, the Courier's direct relationship with Hobbs, in addition to its consistent practice of publishing false and inflammatory stories regarding the Bel-Air Association, ensures that the Courier cannot be trusted as an objective or reliable source of information regarding special meetings or any other matter involving the Bel-Air Association.

We will continue to fight for and protect the rights of all our residents. 

Please be sure to check this site and read our subsequent posts and letters for trustworthy information regarding our community and the Bel-Air Association.