Friday, April 22, 2016

Further Update on Litigation to Declare March 17, 2016 "Special Meeting" Invalid

The Bel-Air Association's lawsuit is scheduled for a status conference on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. The Alliance continues its attempts to delay a judicial resolution.
Dear Bel-Air Association Members and Community,

As I previously reported, our Secretary and General Counsel (and board member) Bruce Kuyper brought our current lawsuit (on April 5) to invalidate the Alliance’s unauthorized March 17 “special meeting” in the name of the Bel-Air Association, which violated the California Corporations Code and our bylaws.

The Alliance’s CEO Fred Rosen and his cohorts (including Courier Publisher Marcia Hobbs, Dan Love, Jamie Meyer and other Alliance members) have of course done everything possible to delay a judge from hearing and deciding this issue, even though the California Corporations Code requires that a hearing be set within 5 days of the filing of the lawsuit. When the first assigned judge set a hearing on April 15, in accordance with the Corporations Code, their attorney immediately accused the judge of prejudice and exercised a peremptory challenge. The next assigned judge set a hearing for May 12, over their objections and further attempts to delay a hearing indefinitely. Then, last Friday, the judge assigned to our first lawsuit acted on the notice of related case that we’d originally filed with the lawsuit on April 5, sending the case to that judge. That judge has now set a status conference for this Tuesday, April 26.
We continue to be barraged by brazen missives containing blatant misstatements and unfounded threats that Alliance members send to the Bel-Air Association’s board members. The following is what Fred Rosen himself sent to an Executive Committee member Tuesday evening:  

"Just keeping you informed--and this note is just between us--unless you decide to circulate it. In my opinion, you have been a total asshole to our community--as a matter of fact, I think that you have had your head so far up your ass you haven't smelled fresh air in years. You have dumped on the community and its [sic] about to be reciprocal. We all have nothing but contempt for you. Putting your wife in harms [sic] way shows me what a truly miserable human being you are. Books and records need to be returned--or there will be consequences.

"Heard you have been complaining that Dan has been on tough you--to be candid---its [sic] only what you deserve. Enjoy the evening. You can stay above the fray--but the fray won't stay above you!!


This of course is NOT the way that anyone in the Bel-Air Community should behave, let alone purport to lead.

Despite the Alliance’s continuing attempts to delay a judge from conducting a hearing in our lawsuit, we remain confident that the court will make a relatively quick decision in our favor. We also remain confident that the court will then hold these Alliance members accountable for their wrongful actions.

As always, we thank you for your support.


Ron Hudson
Your Bel-Air Association President