Sunday, March 27, 2016

DON'T BE FOOLED! Alliance Members Have Not Legally Taken Over the Bel-Air Association.


The Bel-Air Association’s existing 25 directors remain in office.

·      Unauthorized Meeting by the AllianceThe “meeting” conducted on March 17 by members of the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance was not an authorized meeting of the Bel-Air Association. It was a sham “meeting” that has no effect on the Association.

·      Break-In of BAA OfficeImmediately after their “meeting”, Alliance members (including Fred Rosen, Marcia Hobbs (Publisher of the Beverly Hills Courier) and Dan Love) broke into the Bel-Air Association’s office at 100 Bel Air Road. They changed the lock and posted three 24-hour security guards hired by Fred Rosen. The Alliance members acted without notice and were uncivil.

·      Taking/Freezing of BAA Bank AccountsThe next morning, Alliance members went to the Association’s two banks and creatively convinced a bank manager at one bank to allow them to withdraw all of the funds from the Association’s accounts. The other bank froze the Association’s account.

·      Alliance Members Would Not Participate in a Fair ElectionFor at least 2 years, the Alliance’s board members have been trying to convince the community that they should be in control of the Bel-Air Community. Before the Alliance members scheduled their unauthorized “meeting”, the Association had already scheduled an authorized, fair Annual Meeting election for 9 of the Association’s incumbent directors and 9 of the Alliance’s nominees. It must have become obvious to the Alliance that they could not succeed at that fair election, so they decided to take their self-help action of holding their own unauthorized “meeting”, breaking into the office and taking the Association’s bank accounts.

·      Necessary Court ActionOur lawyers have recently filed a lawsuit against these unauthorized actions. We anticipate that a Court will soon rule in our favor to confirm the rightful current directors and force the Alliance members to return the office and funds to the Association.

·      The Association’s Directors Continue to WorkRegardless of whether you are an Association member, your legitimate Association directors are currently working to protect the Bel-Air Association. You may disregard any communications from the Alliance members.

I can be reached at

Thank you for your support.


Ron Hudson
President of the Bel Air Association

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Dear Bel-Air Association Members,

You may be received additional information by mail yesterday, or you may have otherwise been contacted, regarding the so-called “Special Meeting” to be held tonight, Thursday, March 17, 2016.

As a reminder, tonight’s meeting is NOT a meeting of the Bel-Air Association.

Regrettably, the few individuals who recently joined the Bel-Air Association and then organized this meeting for themselves are deceiving some Bel-Air Association members into believing that it is an official meeting of the Bel-Air Association. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

These individuals (and the attorneys that one of them has hired) have intentionally misread the right to call for a special meeting as a right to conduct the meeting. 

These individuals have also intentionally ignored the California Corporations Code, which provides for the Bel-Air Association to set the meeting and send out a notice within 20 days of the request, which we did with their first request of February 12, 2016. 

Their meeting tonight is a different request that was never presented to us and violates this and many other aspects of the California Corporations Code.

This is why any actions purportedly taken at tonight meeting will have NO effect whatsoever on the day-to-day operations, policies, programs, bylaws or directors of The Bel-Air Association.

When The Bel-Air Association holds meetings, we notify our members with the meeting date, time, and location, in addition to the purpose of the meeting, all in accordance with our bylaws and the California Corporations Code.

Thank you once again for your attention to this matter. 

We want to be sure that all the information our members receive about The Bel-Air Association is genuine, substantive and truthful.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ron Hudson
Your Bel-Air Association President

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bel-Air Association's Communications with Organizers of Unauthorized and Invalid March 17, 2016 Meeting

Dear Bel-Air Association Members:

Below is an important communication sent from President Ron Hudson in response to an email received from Fred Rosen regarding the Unauthorized "Special Meeting" tomorrow.


No matter how much you wish that your March 17, 2016 meeting would be valid, the facts and the law are clear that if the meeting takes place in the manner that you and your cohorts have described, it is not a meeting of the Bel-Air Association. Accordingly, we would assume that anyone who attends such a meeting or gives a proxy and is not made aware of the circumstances that the meeting is not an authorized Bel-Air Association meeting may have a valid claim for damages against anyone involved in arranging the meeting and anyone who takes action pursuant to voting, etc. at the meeting for fraud, misrepresentation, conspiracy, etc.

And, of course, all of this could be avoided by your group merely abiding by Judge Karlan’s advice to participate in a fair election at the Bel-Air Association’s Annual Meeting, where your 9 cohorts will have an opportunity to be elected as directors, as the 9 incumbents will. In fact, it is perplexing why any of your group would run the risk of a significant adverse legal result when you can simply participate in a fair election at the Annual Meeting.

In any event, we are sending this to you with a copy to your 9 board nominees so that there can be no question but that you have all been put on notice by what appears to be your reckless behavior without regard to the rights of those in the community who may be deceived by your actions.

We strongly urge you and each of your 9 board nominees to do the right thing for the community and protect your own personal liability and either call off the March 17 meeting or conduct it as any kind of meeting of yours that is clearly not a meeting of the Bel-Air Association.

Of course, nothing in this or any other communication to you is intended to waive any rights that the Bel-Air Association has against you or anyone else for your contemplated unauthorized March 17 meeting.


Ron Hudson
The Bel-Air Association

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WARNING: March 17, 2016 "Special Meeting" is NOT an Official Bel-Air Association Meeting

Dear Bel-Air Association Members:

We wanted to remind you once again that despite emails and other communications to the contrary, the so-called “special meeting” to be held on March 17, 2016 is NOT an authorized or a legitimate meeting of The Bel-Air Association.

While a small group of individuals have chosen to meet on this date, they are unfortunately misrepresenting the scope of their meeting, and in doing so, are misleading some Bel-Air Association members into believing it is an official meeting of the Bel-Air Association.

To be absolutely clear: despite other information that is circulating, the March 17, 2016 meeting this Thursday is NOT a meeting of the Bel-Air Association.

Additionally, any actions or discussions at the March 17, 2016 meeting will have NO official impact whatsoever on the day-to-day operations, policies, or programs of The Bel-Air Association.

When The Bel-Air Association holds official meetings, we promptly notify our members with the meeting date, time, and location. 

The Bel-Air Association will also provide timely information in advance of our official meetings so that all of our members may continue to have a voice in our community.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Setting the Record Straight - No Bel-Air Association "Special Meeting" on March 17, 2016

Dear Bel-Air Association Members:

An article in this week's Beverly Hills Courier contains false and misleading information about an unauthorized, so-called “special meeting” of the Bel-Air Association on March 17, 2016. 

Once again, please know that this purported March 17th meeting is a sham, and that the Bel-Air Association has officially noticed the special meeting of the Bel-Air Association to be held on May 11, 2016.

While the Courier story quotes several members of an organization calling themselves the Bel-Air Homeowners Alliance, it should be noted that the Courier's reporter made no attempt whatsoever to contact leadership of the Bel-Air Association to get a fair and balanced perspective.

Furthermore, though it is not mentioned at all in the Courier's story, Marcia Hobbs, who is quoted extensively in the piece, also serves as publisher of the Beverly Hills Courier. Hobbs herself brought a lawsuit against the Bel-Air Association in 2015. After Hobbs' lawsuit crumbled and failed, she ultimately dismissed it on March 3, 2016.

Sadly, the Courier's direct relationship with Hobbs, in addition to its consistent practice of publishing false and inflammatory stories regarding the Bel-Air Association, ensures that the Courier cannot be trusted as an objective or reliable source of information regarding special meetings or any other matter involving the Bel-Air Association.

We will continue to fight for and protect the rights of all our residents. 

Please be sure to check this site and read our subsequent posts and letters for trustworthy information regarding our community and the Bel-Air Association.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Unauthorized and Invalid March 17, 2016 “Meeting”

Dear Bel-Air Association Members,

We understand a letter has been sent to the community by four “members of the Bel-Air Association” regarding a purported “meeting” of the Bel-Air Association on March 17, 2016. 

That “meeting” is NOT a meeting of the 
Bel-Air Association, the letter was NOT sent by the Bel-Air Association, and NO action taken at such a “meeting” will have any effect on the Bel-Air Association. 

Accordingly, the Bel-Air Association does not recommend that you attend.

Please see our blog posting on March 8 (, which describes the situation with these individuals.


Your Bel-Air Association

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bel-Air Association Successfully Defends Meritless Lawsuit, Declares Proposed March 17, 2016 Meeting from a Minority of Members as Unauthorized, and Takes Other Action to Preserve and Protect Bel-Air

Dear Bel-Air Association Members,

The Bel-Air Association has successfully defended our community against the actions of a small handful of individuals (the “Alliance”) who have been seeking to take over and disrupt your Bel-Air Association from advocating for your rights to live in a safe and secure environment, protecting the financial security of your home and defending your reasonable right to improve your property.

•         After spending untold dollars in an unsuccessful lawsuit, the Alliance crumbled and dismissed this meritless and divisive lawsuit against the Bel-Air Association last Thursday.

•         In an apparent act of desperation, some Alliance members mailed an unauthorized and misleading “Special Meeting Notice” to all Bel-Air Association members and nonmembers, attempting to accomplish by trickery what it could not accomplish in court. (You may have received this notice in the mail supposedly coming from the Bel-Air Association for a meeting on March 17. This did not come from your Bel-Air Association.)

•         This sham March 17, 2016 “Special Meeting” is unauthorized, and any actions purportedly taken will be ineffective. The same people already requested a special meeting, which we set for May 11, 2016.

•         As stewards for the community, the Bel-Air Association is greatly concerned that some good-hearted Bel-Air residents may have been duped into giving the Alliance thousands of dollars to help “protect our community,” yet such funds are seemingly being funneled to ill-advised activities that serve little purpose other than to HURT & DIVIDE our community.

•         Questions may now be raised about Alliance transparency and how the Alliance may be squandering donations made by its members on fruitless, unproductive litigation.

Marcia Hobbs, publisher of the Beverly Hills Courier and founding member of the Alliance, filed a lawsuit against the Bel-Air Association in February 2015, alleging among other things that the Bel-Air Association had failed to hold an annual meeting and to maintain 25 directors on its board (the “Alliance lawsuit”). After a year of costly litigation for the Alliance (the Association’s insurance policy covered its costs), Ms. Hobbs dismissed the Alliance lawsuit last Thursday.

The same day that she dismissed the Alliance lawsuit, Ms. Hobbs and a few other Alliance founders sent an unauthorized and invalid notice of a special meeting of the Bel-Air Association’s members. That March 17 meeting is a sham because it was never authorized by the Bel-Air Association. Accordingly, no action can be taken on behalf of the Bel-Air Association at that meeting.

(Please see the below letter from the Bel-Air Association to Ms. Hobbs and the others declaring, among other things, that their meeting is unauthorized and shall have no effect on the Bel-Air Association.)

We are well aware that the Alliance may attempt to twist these facts, mislead our community and take other actions to further disrupt the Bel-Air Association. Nevertheless, please be assured that with your support, the Bel-Air Association will continue to fight for and protect the rights of all our residents.

Ron Hudson
Your Bel-Air Association President

Monday, March 7, 2016

In Memoriam: Nancy Reagan 1921-2016

In Memoriam
July 6, 1921 - March 6, 2016
A resident of Bel-Air since 1989, Nancy Reagan will always be remembered for her strength of character – as an actress, as First Lady of the United States, and as an advocate for numerous causes, including drug abuse prevention and breast cancer awareness.

On behalf of the Bel-Air Association, we offer our deepest sympathy to her family, friends, and all of those who have been impacted by her life. 

The Bel-Air Association Board of Directors and Staff

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Dear Bel-Air Association Members and Community:

Please be aware that the Department of City Planning is accepting comments on a proposed project in our community.  If you have any questions or concerns about this projects, please contact the Bel-Air Association and let us know.  We will be reviewing the Mitigated Negative Declaration with our land use team and will be submitting comments, but if you are a directly impacted neighbor – we want to hear from YOU!

Below you will find a summary of the two cases with a link to the environmental document for your review. 


Addendum. ENV-2014-3918780, 788 & 800 N Tortuoso Way; Bel Air-Beverly Crest. CD5. 1) Pursuant to LAMC Section 12.27, a variance from Section 12.07.01-A, to permit 3 on-site kitchens per dwelling, in lieu of the maximum of one kitchen otherwise permitted, for 3 proposed single-family dwellings at 800 Tortuoso Way, 788 Tortuoso Way, and 780 Tortuoso Way; 2) Pursuant to Section 12.28, a Zoning Administrator’s Adjustment for relief from Section 12.21,C-5 to permit a proposed guardhouse at 780 Tortuoso Way to be located within 55-ft. of the front lot line & within the front half of the lot, and 3) Pursuant to Section 12.24-X,28 of the Code, a Zoning Administrator’s Determination to permit a side yard of 2-ft. 3-inches in lieu of the 12-ft. side yard required by 12.22,C-20(m) for the above mentioned guardhouse. REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: March 23, 2016.

Thank you,
Your Bel-Air Association Land Use Team